There is a new age of work-life. A hybrid that is growing in popularity as boundaries begin to blur. Bleisure is quite obviously the combination of business and leisure and refers to combining professional business travel with personal leisure time. 

Before the pandemic, we heard and saw the digital nomad writing a blog post on a beach or a manager checking their emails on a ski lift. These business travelers usually tried to enjoy the weekend off somewhere they visited for a conference or work. With this new scenario, technology has blurred the barriers between work and play, professional and personal, career and downtime. 

Nowadays, where people value the balance between work time and family/leisure time more, we can notice the tendency of bleisure to consolidate. The primary advantages are likely to boost morale and reduce stress for bleisure travelers. And now with business incorporating this kind of travel for employees who are willing to go on business trips, means a rise in bleisure tourism meaning hotel guests willing to stay longer and spend more money at your property.

Bleisure Travel is a Growing Market...

The spending on business travel from companies is growing year after year. Information published by Statista stated that business travel spending has grown between six and seven percent each year. Because of the given opportunities to attract repeat business, a top focus for the travel industry has become business travelers.
Furthermore, according to Expedia, 43 percent of business trips now include a leisure element. These statistics highlight the growth of business travel and the concept that leisure is developing into a crucial part of modern work trips.

It is noted that Bleisure holds universal appeal. According to an article published by Forbes, while younger workers are more likely to take bleisure trips than older workers, there is no noticeable generational divide. Millennials make up 38 percent of bleisure trips, with Gen X and Baby Boomers accounting for 31 percent each. Forbes also points out that 10 percent of all business trips are considered bleisure trips.

What are Bleisure Travelers looking for?

A study from Expedia Group and Luth Research provides exciting insights into what bleisure travelers are genuinely looking for and the main factors that influence whether or not a traveler will make a business trip into a bleisure trip.

These were the top three factors:
1. 66 percent - whether the employee is traveling to an exciting destination
2. 59 percent - Additional costs involved in extending the trip
3. 51 percent - How close the trip is to the weekend

More research shows that features or local experiences that encourage a bleisure trip include sightseeing location, restaurants, beaches, and the weather when considering the destination. Leading events like festivals, sports games, concerts, and cultural shows definitely contribute to this too. Besides, bleisure travelers typically want to use services and accommodations to make their trip easy, flexible, and fun.

In terms of a place to stay, these travelers likely seek hotels that offer a combination of fast and reliable internet, work areas and conference rooms, and 24-hour services. They also enjoy leisure facilities like spas, gyms, fine restaurants, and pools.


For hotel owners, the general growth of business travel and the emergence of this new bleisure tourism signifies an area of real opportunity and revenue.

All in all, business travelers with interest in leisure are prone to extending their stays and spending money on offered business facilities as well as various leisurely activities.

Hotels and others in the travel industry place a focus on appealing to corporate travelers. This means keeping with the latest trends and thoroughly understanding what business - and now bleisure - travelers need, want, expect, and resonate with.

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